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Furnace Installation Services

The cold winter climate in Regina Saskatchewan can make
it difficult to live and work. Bruke knows this
firsthand, and we do all that we can to keep homes and
businesses warm and comfortable, so you can take
shelter from the frosty elements. The main way we
combat the cold in Regina is by supplying the area with
furnaces that are reliable and affordable.

On-going energy savings, better reliability, and a
range of features to ensure total home comfort – a new
gas furnace installation from Bruke Plumbing and
Heating is the ultimate all-round heating solution for
your home and family in Regina. Discover how our
systems and expertise can benefit you.

Beyond repairing your existing furnace or installing
a new more energy-efficient one, regular furnace
maintenance is also important to ensure that it’s
functioning properly, especially during the demanding
Regina winter. That’s why we also focus on
furnace tune-ups and preventative care.

Furnace Repair Services

Our team of licensed furnace tech’s provides superior furnace repair in Regina, SK and the surrounding areas. Our staff can address and troubleshoot any make or model of furnace. We strive to keep your home and business at the perfect temperature. You will love how quickly our custom-care specialists and technicians work so that you can be warm and comfortable again as soon as possible. When you need furnace repair in Regina call us at Bruke. We look forward to handling all of your heating needs.

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New Furnace Replacement and Installation

The cold winter climate in Regina SK can make it difficult to live and work. Bruke knows this first hand being a locally owned and operated furnace contractor in Regina. The best way to combat the frigid Regina cold is by the installation of a new furnace matched to the needs of your home, that are reliable and affordable.

Tips for Purchasing the Right Furnace:

  • Choose a furnace with high AFUE rating to save on energy.
  • Size the furnace to the size of your home.
  • Get a furnace with variable speed fan, this saves energy and limits the noise.

Furnace Prices Regina

On overage the cost of a furnace in Regina SK ranges from $3,200 – $4,000 for most propane or natural gas furnaces, including installation. As you increase the efficiency of a furnace the cost of the furnace rises. Top of the line high efficient furnaces start at $4,500 and up. Overall the average cost of a furnace including high efficient models is around $4,500.

Furnace Brands

There are a wide variety of furnace brands on the market. However there are really 3 main manufactures that make furnaces under different brand names. The top brands available in the Regina market are:

  • Carrier
  • York
  • Bryant
  • Goodman

Common Heating, HVAC and Furnace Problems we Fix

  • Broken or Damaged Heater /
  • Furnace that Blows Cold Air
  • Malfunctioning Pilot Light
  • Damaged Thermostat

Same Day Furnace

Our growing team of licensed technicians
provides superior furnace repair in Regina, Saskatchewan. Bruke Plumbing & Heating
addresses all issues of furnace repair to keep
your home or business at the perfect
temperature. We strive to get your heating
issues resolved quickly so that you can be warm
and comfortable again as soon as possible.
Learn more about our furnace service repair
offering or to schedule service below.

Furnace Repairs

Furnace Tune Up

To improve the reliability and maintain the energy
efficiency of your home’s furnace in Regina, our furnace team can help you with a 21 POINT
SAFETY AND FURNACE TUNE-UP. It’s a full, professional
inspection of your system for common problems that can
actually save you money from needless energy
expenditure and non-averted breakdown repairs. Learn
more about our furnace tune up services or to schedule
service a tune up below.

Furnace Tune Up


Our HVAC Business

Bruke provides consumers HVAC and heating services. We have a full team of sheet metal journeymen to diagnose and repair your furnace or install a new unit in your home. We take pride in helping consumers with the comfort of their home. Give us a call today for a no obligation estimate for any heating project for your home.